Nataša Zarić started her journey of crafting herbal remedies after attending a life-changing workshop at Pindari Herb Farm, Tasmania, in 2011.

However, her curiosity started much earlier as she grew up in beautiful surroundings exploring gardens, forests, and valleys throughout Europe. The deep reds in berries, the bright & lively colours of flowers, along with the ones that quietly peeked through the snow as Spring approached, made her realise she was a gatherer and nature lover at heart. The hues of the blues in the sky, the tones of greens in the plants and mountains deeply connected her to Mother Earth and Father Sky.

It was an organic progression that led Nataša to become a naturopath and energy healer in 2007. She began formulating her products by drying, macerating herbs into oils, tinctures, teas, powders, salts and creams. This was the revelation to her true calling in life, being one with natural world and feeling the energy of our universe.

The Team

Alongside Nataša, you'll find Margit. Margit Selg came on board in 2021 to spread the message here at Mura Pathway to Wellness, after seeing the benefits of the products enrich her own life. 

She brings an unwavering adoration for nature and holistic approach to health, passionately sharing it with the wider community. 

If you're a representative of a café, shop, spa, salon, or restaurant - don't hesitate to email sales@murapathway.com.au, and speak to Margit about getting our products in store.




What does Mura Pathway to Wellness do?

Mura Pathway to Wellness is a space for healing, learning and producing organic products. It was established in 2014 as a creative space to find your health, balance and joy in life at any age or stage of wellness.

We offer an ever-growing collection of organic and ethically made products, including:

All the products are formulated by Nataša and are centred around the concept that things of value take time, energy and care to create.

Everything is uncompromisingly handcrafted and made in small batches to ensure freshness and quality of ingredients. All our products are packaged in sustainable, earth-friendly packaging, reflecting our ethos and commitment to the environment.