Naturopathy is a holistic, science-based and traditionally proven system of medicine based on the healing power of nature.

Our body has an inherent power to heal. In the naturopathic consultation our goal is to identify any underlying causes of illness and/or any obstacles to healing. The treatment is holistic, which means we address ones body, mind and emotions. On this journey we want to teach you to support your own body’s healing ability by learning about nutrition (food, mineral and vitamin supplements), lifestyle (exercise, creativity), herbal remedies that are best suited for you, flower essences, and mineral tissue salts.

These non invasive treatments are tailored for your personal needs with a realistic outlook on implementation. Our goal is always to empower you with knowledge and help you help yourself.

Our experienced naturopath Nataša Zaric will give you the guidance and advice you need to tackle a range of health issues and symptoms, including poor digestion, tiredness, chronic illness, fertility issues, hormone imbalance and more.


Initial appointments are $250 for 1.5 hours.

Follow up appointments are $165 for up to 60 minutes.

This cost does not include any supplements/products.

You can download our new client form here to fill out and bring with you.